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Kristian Jones: Ignorance Is Bliss

exhibition independent Birmingham party

Kristian Jones approached us with some of his recent works, and we loved them so much we've decided to have a bit of a reshuffle in the shop to accommodate them. Tonight we'll be hosting a viewing in the shop of his exhibition, Ignorance Is Bliss so come and join us if you can. One of our favourite DJs, Kouben will be with us all evening too. The work will be on display here until the end of January, so make sure to stop in and check it out.

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PROVIDE does Digbeth

digbeth independent Birmingham thoughts we love

The best thing about running PROVIDE is the huge range of people I get to interact with on a daily basis. What's been really interesting since opening last year is seeing just how broad the backgrounds, interests and careers of our customers are. I've never tried to label the brand, or align it with any specific culture or activity. By not excluding anyone, we've seen people treat the brand like a blank canvas, and take ownership of the pieces they buy, instead of having a 'lifestyle' prescribed to them by us. It's great to see DJs, painters, cyclists, filmmakers, bar...

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Student Night!

digbeth events independent Birmingham party

Join us in store this Thursday evening, as we'll be open 'til 9pm, with free beers and Kouben on the decks. Afterwards, head across the road to The Old Crown where there'll be a free drink for anyone who's made a purchase in store. RSVP here or just turn up!

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Introducing Coloral

independent Birmingham we love

A couple of weeks ago we received a long email from Bec, who we'd never met before. We get a lot of unsolicited communication, and it's not always that interesting. However this was quite different to most. We were told about The Coloral Company, which used to be based not far from our shop, in Ladywood. They used to manufacture alloy water bottles that became synonymous with the Tour De France of the 40s and 50s, before going into liquidation later on in the 1950s. Bec and her team have launched a Kickstarter campaign to bring this old manufacturing company back...

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Summer is a state of mind

digbeth events independent Birmingham party

  We've had pretty abysmal weather so far this Summer. A few weeks ago we decided - along with Ben from Stag Creative Barbers who is just around the corner from us at The Custard Factory - to have a Summer party regardless of what the weather was doing. We thought that the lack of sun shouldn't mean a lack of summertime good vibes, so we asked our friends at The Old Crown if they'd host us for an evening. They host us most evenings, but we wanted to make some flyers and bring a sound system, so it was only...

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