Brum Box

Brum Box 015 online 29/10/21
Brum Box is an exciting way to celebrate Birmingham and discover new things in the city.
The limited edition package is only available for pre-order 5 times a year. Once you've placed your order, we get to work on putting all the contents together, and you'll receive your box a few weeks later.
Each Brum Box is only available for a limited time, and each edition is totally different to the last; but to give you an idea of what to expect, each edition of the Brum Box will include:
• Exclusive Provide T-shirt, only available to people who buy that Brum Box
• An art print from a local artist - we hope you'll discover some new Midlands talent!
• Some kind of extra little gift - this might be something we've made here at Provide, or an introduction to another local business that we love
• A printed Brum Box newsletter, packed full of information about all the contents of your box.
Brum Box 015 online 29/10/21