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  • Provide Birmingham Black t-shirt Bournville Factory in a Garden design
  • Provide Birmingham Black t-shirt Bournville Factory in a Garden design
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Factory in a Garden Tee (Black)

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• Hand silk screen printed in Birmingham
• 100% cotton
• Wash inside out at 30°
• Cool iron inside out
• Don't tumble dry

With day to day life seemingly more and more uncertain, it feels like we’re being bombarded with stories of all manner of organisations and individuals who seem to be looking out for only themselves. Ever the optimists, we’ve decided to seek out stories that provide us with hope that a more community minded future is possible. 

Looking back through Birmingham’s history, we’ve been encouraged by examples of people and companies that did things their own way; those who built taking care of others into their operations.

At the peak of the industrial revolution, when working conditions were poor, wages low and bosses cruel - sound familiar? - Birmingham based Cadbury chose an alternative path, taking the initiative to try and build a better future not just for the company, but for the workers that they employed too. 

Setting up a model village in the rural area now known as Bournville, and fuelled by their Quaker roots, the Cadbury brothers believed it was important to look after their employees, and went about building a business that bred opportunities for their people to live well, both in and out of work.

 Those who worked at the ‘Factory In A Garden’ as it was dubbed at the time, were living a reality that few working people could enjoy. The idea of an employer facilitating a better quality of life for its employees can still seem far-fetched, but if it was possible then, it must be possible today!

No business is perfect; we all know that the chocolate industry has more than its fair share of faults, but we believe that there is some inspiration to be taken from this section of Cadbury’s history. As a small company growing slowly, we want to make sure that as well as looking after ourselves, we take the time to care for, celebrate and inspire the community that enables us to exist.

These products are prompts from the past, to inspire us to build a better future, and we hope you continue to join us on our journey.

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