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No Waste Box

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Our No Waste sale is back! We hate waste, but our high standards mean we sometimes have to reject items that don't meet our strict demands. These No Waste Boxes are our solution.

A ridiculously good value selection box of almost perfect Provide seconds, samples and spares.

Each box contains:
• 3 T-shirts, or 1 Sweatshirt & 1 T-shirt,
• 2 accessories or homeware items
• Stickers!

Some items included didn't pass our high quality standards to be sold at full price, but they're too good to destroy. 

It could be that the print has some discolouration, there may be a small hole, or a mark on the shirt. You might also receive a spare item in perfect condition, or even an unreleased sample!

Rescue them from the recycling and grab yourself a brilliant bargain!

There are a limited number of boxes in each size. Sorry if your size has sold out by the time you get here!