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Introducing a new range for summer, photographed in the streets around our studio by Inès Elsa Dalal and modelled by Vik and Sheerah. Believe it or not, despite turning 5 this September this is the first time we've produced a photo shoot for new products.

Provide first rate second city

Vik wears: Factory Unstructured Cap (Pale Blue), First Rate Crewneck
Sheerah wears: First Rate Unstructured Cap (Pink), Factory Crewneck

That's because despite being a clothing brand, the idea of constructing images to sell products that we believe should sell themselves is often frustrating. Lots of small brands' fashion photography can look forced and disingenuous, and this is something we've tried to avoid at all costs.

Provide first rate second city

Sheerah wears: The Arch Tee
Vik wears: The Arch Unstructured Cap

However, now that we are largely selling online without a permanent physical retail space, we need to do our best to visually recreate the feeling of our old shops and represent the brand with integrity, wherever you are browsing from.

Provide first rate second city

Vik wears: First Rate Tee (White)

It's for that reason we decided to work with Inès for our first shoot. She specialises in documentary portraiture and street photography, and produces honest, candid work that celebrates the everyday. This is the first time she's worked with a clothing brand.

Provide first rate second city

Sheerah wears: Factory Tee (White)
Vik wears: Overline Unstructured Cap (Cream), Factory Tee (Black)

Vik and Sheerah are both friends of Inès, which made shooting together instantly comfortable. We hope you'll enjoy these images for their portraiture as well as getting the first look at our new clothes.

Provide first rate second city

 Vik wears: Bull Unstructured Cap (Black), Factory Tee (White)
Sheerah wears: Overline Unstructured Cap (Black), Bull Tee

The four new graphics available on tees, sweats and hats have been developed in keeping with our love for graphic design and the city around us. When designing them we had thoughts of beer gardens, vintage shopping and walking through concrete lined streets under clear blue skies, but we'd love to see where you take yours - show us using #provideontour on Instagram.

Provide first rate second city

Sheerah wears: First Rate Tee (Gold)

Photography by Inès Elsa Dalal.

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